Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Maria Parloa's Books

1872 The Appledore Cook Book

1878 Camp Cookery

1879 First Principles of Household Management

1880 Miss Parloa's New Cook Book: A Guide to Marketing and Cooking

1887 An Ideal Kitchen: Miss. Parloa's Kitchen Companion: A Guide for All Who Would be Good Housekeepers

1893 Miss Parloa's Kitchen Young Housekeeper

1898 Home Economics: A Guide to Household Management

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Wendy B. said...

I am reading "Home Economics: A Practical Guide in Every Branch of Housekeeping". It's a second edition copy from my grandmother, dated 1910. My grandmother studied Home Economics at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, MB. She was a graduate of the first ever Home Economics Degree course at that university. I believe that Parloa's book was one of the texts she used while in university, though I have no proof of that. It is a fascinating book and a link to my grandmother, who passed away when I was two. Just thought you might be interested in how far reaching Maria Parloa's books really are!